3K MOLD Injection Molding Division

Professional Manufacturer For Plastic Products

→ Molding Capacity: 15 Machines from 80T to 280T
→ Quality assurance: full control from raw material procurement to product shipment
→ Molding Accurancy: Tolerance range from 0.02mm to 0.1mm
→ Specialized Products: Home Appliances, Consumer Electronics,Precision Gears

Quality Control
Purchasing original plastic raw materials in batches to ensure stable product quality for long-term production.
Full inspection for the first production, on-time inspection during the process to ensure stable production run.
The whole process of quality monitoring during the production process, and make inspection record.

Maintain stable qualified rate and deliver high-quality products on time.

Equipment Show

Have Machine tonnage from 80T to 280T, to fullfil varied production requirement.

Company Strength

All injection molding machines are equipped with Robot for automated production; high efficiency and reliable quality.